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 +===== Computing back-end installation guide =====
 +{{tag>Computing Install}}
 +This component is to be installed on all computing resources you want to merge in the Promethee environment. Unlike the front-end, no [R] math. engine is required on this side of the infrastructure.
 +==== Core installation ====
 +The back-end core installation is made using the dedicated installer archive : ****, to be decompressed from a command from a shell (e.g. DOS or bash) or using an integrated desktop program.
 +==== Configuration ====
 +=== Startup scripts of back-end service ===
 +The startup of the back-end service is basically done by hand, using the **** / **prometheed.bat** script. A more complete script, adapted for multi-CPU usage is also available for bash environment : **** (and, which accepts an arbitrary number of CPU as first argument, and properly manage shutdown of its subprocesses.
 +It is also possible to use these scripts for automatic service startup:
 +  * on Unix / Linux:  create a daemon startup script (in **/etc/init.d** directory for example) calling **** or **** : <code bash>#!/bin/sh
 +echo " * Launching PROMETHEE daemon ..."
 +. /home/user/.bash_profile
 +start-stop-daemon --start --chuid user --exec "$PROMETHEE_HOME/ 4" --chdir $PROMETHEE_HOME  > /var/log/prometheed.log 2>&1 &
 +echo " * PROMETHEE daemon running ..."
 +exit 0
 +  * on Windows: you can use the [[|SC.exe]], to record prometheed.bat as a service: ''sc.exe create "Prometheed" binPath= "C:\Program Files\Promethee\prometheed.bat"'' (pay attention to keep space between binpath= and C:\… )
 +=== Network access & proxy ===
 +{{tag>Network Configuration}}
 +To enable network connection between this back-end and all user front-end interfaces, the following firewall rules have to be checked:
 +  * for computing front-end discovery feature: open **8001-8004 outgoing UDP** ports,
 +  * for computing back-end data transfer: **all incoming**, or specified in calculator.xml **TCP** ports (see below).
 +=== Configuration file ===
 +==== Code wrapper installation ====
 +{{tag>Code Install}}
 +Besides the core installation, Promethee may integrate some code wrapper to extend the usage of the code installed on this daemon host. \\ 
 +On the back-end side, this optional extension (a **.cplugin.jar** file) provides dedicated methods to launch, stop, and report progress of a given calculation with a code.
 +//Note: of course, besides this activation in the back-end, the front-end needs to be configured in a consistent manner.//
 +==== FAQ ====
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