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How can I integrate Promethee in the queueing system of my cluster ?

The key idea is to use the interactive shell emulation provided with your queueing system. We made it for the Sun Grid Engine (SGE) system, using this simple script:
# This script is intended to wrap common sh command beahviour upon SGE qrsh.
# Especially, the kill or ctrl-c will correctly cancel the SGE job using qdel.
trap "abort" INT
trap "abort" TERM
abort() {
  echo "Abort queued process..."
  qdel $qid
  echo "Queued process aborted."
export pid=$cwd/node.PID
qrsh -V -N $qname -cwd $cmd $input >> out.txt &
sleep 1
if [ `grep "request could not be scheduled" out.txt | wc -w` != 0 ] ; then
  exit -1
lastq=`qstat | grep $qname | tail -1`
qid=`echo ${lastq/ /} | cut -d" " -f1`
wait $mid
This file is used instead of sh for launching code executable in the calculator.xml file.
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