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 +===== GUI front-end installation guide =====
 +{{tag>GUI Install}}
 +This main component of Promethee is to be installed on end-user desktop. Beyond this Java based interface, some other components are needed:
 +  * **Math. engine**: to provide a back-end for all math evaluations,
 +  * **Code wrapper**: to provide all necessary features to support a given code in the GUI,
 +  * **[Algorithm plugin]**: optionally provide high-level engineering issues support (like optimization).
 +==== Core installation ====
 +The core installation is made using the dedicated installer program : **promethee-XXX-1.X-x.jar**, 
 +to be installed by double-click on the .jar file, or using ''java -jar promethee-*.jar'' command from a shell (e.g. DOS or bash).
 +==== Configuration ====
 +=== Non-standard requirements installation ===
 +If needed, setup environment variables (for non standard installation path of R or java for instance) in the **promethee.bat** or **** (for Linux or MacosX) startup script (located in Promethee installation directory) you can change the \\
 +''java -splash:icons/promethee.png -Dcharset=ISO-8859-1 -Dapp.home=. -Xmx1024m -classpath %LIB% %MAIN% file:quotas%1%.hex''
 +line for following issues:
 +  * force the java installation directory used: \\ ''C:\path\to\java\bin\java -splash:icons/promethee.png -Dcharset=ISO-8859-1 -Dapp.home=. -Xmx1024m -classpath %LIB% %MAIN% file:quotas%1%.hex''
 +  * force the R installation directory used: \\ ''java -DR_HOME="C:\path\to\R-2.14" -splash:icons/promethee.png -Dcharset=ISO-8859-1 -Dapp.home=. -Xmx1024m -classpath %LIB% %MAIN% file:quotas%1%.hex''
 +=== Network ===
 +To enable the network connection between this front-end and all computing back-end components, the following firewall rules have to be checked:
 +  * for computing back-end discovery feature: open **8001-8004 incoming UDP** ports,
 +  * for computing back-end data transfer: **all outgoing TCP** ports,
 +  * for math. engine communication: **outgoing 6311 TCP** port.
 +=== Configuration file ===
 +==== Code wrapper installation ==== 
 +{{tag>Code Install}}
 +Besides the core installation, Promethee interface needs some extension like a code wrapper to enable the usage of some code. 
 +This small extension provides dedicated methods to parse input files, launch, and finally extract output values of a given case of calculation.
 +For the front-end side, the code wrapper may be a **.ioplugin.jar** file (or a **.ioplugin** file for simplified wrappers). 
 +//Note: of course, besides this activation in the front-end, the back-end needs to be configured in a consistent manner.//
 +==== Algorithm plugin installation ====
 +{{tag>Algorithm Install}}
 +Besides the core installation, Promethee interface may integrate some extension like an algorithm to enable automated task of optimization, inversion, uncertainties propagtions, ...
 +For the front-end side, the code wrapper may be a **.jar** or **.R** file.
 +To activate an algorithm in an existing Promethee front-end installation, you just have to put this file inside the Promethee installation path, in **plugins/doe** directory. Then restart the graphical front-end.
 +//No extra configuration is needed on the computing back-end for this kind of extension.//
 +==== FAQ ====
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