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 +===== Overview of Promethee environment =====
 +The following diagram describes a typical Promethee project workflow. The main software components are presented and their integration in the project sequence is displayed.
 +{{ :user:workflow_diagram.png?600  }}
 +<html><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#C0C0C0">User Interface front-end</font></html> ++ > |
 +The main user interface is a Java based graphical interface allowing to manage the project workflow. All the basic features of a typical computing task are available from this interface (like editing input files, running/canceling calculations, viewing results, …) which is designed for a typical day-to-day engineering usage. \\
 +A scripting version of this front-end is also available through the [R] environment, to allow extended usage, like coupling of codes, statistical post-processing, and so on.
 +\\ \\
 +<html><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#F4CCCC">Math. engine</font></html> ++ > |
 +This (possibly) external component is heavily used during the project workflow, but remains invisible for the end-user. It is the basis of all math evaluations when parsing input files (evaluating formulas, checking unit tests, …). It is also often used by algorithms plugins (optimization, inversion, uncertainties propagation, …). \\
 +Note that this component may be installed on the same computer than user interface, or shared between multiple users when installed on a server.
 +\\ \\
 +<html><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#B6D7A8">Computing back-end</font></html> ++ > |
 +This (possibly) external infrastructure component holds the computing power and the codes finally used for modelling task. It should consist in workstations, clusters, cloud or grid networks, as well as local CPU (even in a virtual environment). 
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