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I understand a “Promethee code” call is just like a R function call. Ok, but what about parallelization of function calls (mclapply, foreach, …) ?

Forget that. Two reasons:
  • “Promethee code” R functions are already vectorized functions:“mycode”,”mydata.dat”,input=list( x1=0.1 , x2=0.2 )) is possible, as well as“mycode”,”mydata.dat”,input=list( x1=c(0.1,0.11,0.12) , x2=c(0.2,0.21,0.22) )) ,
which will run the three cases {(x1,x2)} = {(0.1,0.2) , (0.11,0.21) , (0.12,0.22)} in parallel,
  • The parallel tools in R rely on low level layers, not compatible with the rJava library used by Promethee [R] front-end.
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