dev:code:modify_the_promethee_daemon_configuration [Promethee]

Promethee back-end service configuration

The Promethee daemon configuration XML file (say calculator.xml) holds:
  • the list of hosts and network port allowed for users to run calculations,
  • the list of codes available on the server,
  • spool directory path,
  • [optional] TCP port used for front-end file transfer.
Each HOST element contains:
  • the network name of the user computer where graphical interface is installed (IP address or hostname), possibly a multicast IP (in this case, needs special configuration on front-end side),
  • a port1) of this computer, waiting for Promethee service (tipically 8001 8002, …), matching the front-end configuration,
Each CODE elements contain:
  • the name of the code to launch,
  • the shell command used to launch code:
    • Using shell alias commands, even well configured in environment is highly discouraged, prefer a complete path call: /path/to/my/startup/ instead
    • It is often preferable to modify the startup script code to adapt it to Prometheus. For example, applying a dos2unix on the input files is often necessary to limit the problems of portability of data files
  • [optionally] a plugin for better support of code startup, error, kill or running status report.
Then, the calculator.xml file lists all hosts and codes in this format:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?> 
<CALCULATOR spool="/tmp" port="10000" >
   <HOST name="123.456.780" port="8001" />
   <HOST name="123.456.780" port="8002" />
   <HOST name="123.456.781" port="8001" />
   <HOST name="123.456.781" port="8002" />
   <HOST name="123.456.782" port="8001" />
   <HOST name="123.456.782" port="8002" />
   <HOST name="123.456.782" port="8003" />
   <CODE command="cristal.v1.2 -p" name="Cristal_1.2" />
   <CODE command="/opt/Promethee/scripts/mcnp5" name="MCNP"
1) note that the same network name can be used in different HOST elements, if the port varies
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