pwingcristal [Promethee]


This tool is dedicated to users who whish to use CRISTAL 1.2 codes on a standalone Windows (XP, 7, 8, 32/64 arch) computer.
PWinG-CRISTAL is basically a VirtualBox appliance which holds CRISTAL codes (Apollo, Moret, Tripoli) in a Linux guest virtual machine. A network Promethee daemon is also included to auto-connect with the Promethee GUI previously installed on your Windows desktop.

Nota : Previous PWinG-CRISTAL version was only compatible with Windows XP 32, and is no longer supported.


  1. Download latest Oracle Virtual Box for Windows:
  2. Create an account on IRSN forge: here, and then request an access to CRISTAL repository on IRSN Gforge : here
  3. Download and uncompress (using 7-zip) latest PWinG-CRISTAL appliance on IRSN Gforge (be careful to get the two files in the “Files” tab)
  4. Download and install latest Promethee-CRISTAL GUI:


  1. Start PWinG-CRISTAL with a right-click on PWin7G.vbox file (inside PWin7G directory previously uncompressed).
  2. Start Promethee from your desktop shortcut
  3. Try to launch some sample file in Promethee\samples directory

Update license files

If output files tells that you have reached APOLLO expiration date…
  1. Request updated license files from CRISTAL project team (mention that you need it for a PWinG server)
  2. Download pscp.exe transfer utility from PuTTY website
  3. Put pscp.exe and protec files in the same directory and open a DOS prompt inside
  4. Run pscp.exe protec user@ (and give password user when prompted) to copy new protec
Alternatively, you can
  1. Connect a Windows share directory to \\\produits (login: user, password: user)
  2. Replace old files with new ones in sec\FORMULAIRE_CRISTAL\… directories
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