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Industrial support

Promethee free version is sufficient for basic parametric modeling and research. Industrial version is available and provides extended features and support from IRSN.Note: for both basic and industrial versions, you are free to set up the number of calculation server involved in Promethee grid,
nevertheless, basic version limits the usage to 4 servers at the same time on one client workstation.
Features Promethee
FREE version
RESEARCH version
Promethee installer Generic installer Generic installer Dedicated installer
bundled with plugins and custom settings
Number of Promethee user interface unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of Promethee server daemon unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of simultaneous projects running 2 to setup to setup
Number of simultaneous calculations per project 4 to setup to setup
Network configuration GUI ports : 8001-8002
Server ports : free
GUI ports : to setup
Server ports : free
GUI ports : to setup
Server ports : free
Monitoring graphical interface
Broadcast support
Multicast support
PWinG compatibility
Online documentation
Offline documentation
Online private support
Dedicated private area
Basic code plugin SDK
Extended code plugin SDK
Basic designer plugin SDK
Extended designer plugin SDK
User licence
Operating licence
Price free free1) 1000 €/year/user
or 8000 €/year/10user
Get it Download Download
Optional phone support 1000 €/10 hours 1000 €/10 hours
1) Only Research institute are eligible
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