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Design of Computer Experiments (DoCE) algorithms

Computer experiments concepts hold in the following features (as plugins) of Promethee are based on several sources:


Research projects and groups:

Some Promethee case studies:

The main issues of computer experiments are divided in following topics:

Sensitivity analysis

Uncertainty propagation



Space filling design

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Francesc, 2020/03/05 12:14
Good morning,

We are trying to install and use Promethee form this webpage:
In fact, it’s the MCNP Bundle. We could be able to run prometheed, and it opens a port for the calculations, but there’s no way to open the GUI.
We ran the following command (from Promethee directory):
java -cp lib\promethee-calculator-1.3-8.jar;lib\*;. org.promethee.calculator.Calculator
Then we guessed that calculator.xml should be a parameter, but when we run it, we had the following error: no protocol: calculator.xml
at<init>(Unknown Source)
at<init>(Unknown Source)
at<init>(Unknown Source)
at org.promethee.calculator.Calculator.<init>(Unknown Source)
at org.promethee.calculator.Calculator.main(Unknown Source)

I also tried to put localhost, the localhost:<port> of prometheed, but anything works.

What should we do? Is there a way to obtain some documentation in order to see if we need some additional requirement? We also tried with the installation file but the application didn’t open.
Georgette, 2022/11/10 16:00
Webb, 2022/11/13 02:29
Darleen, 2022/11/14 17:57
Anthony, 2022/11/17 10:55
William, 2022/11/18 15:11
Anthony, 2022/11/18 22:05
Katherine, 2022/11/23 03:24
Darleen, 2023/01/20 13:23
Sarah, 2023/02/19 19:42
Sarah, 2023/02/19 19:42
Joseph, 2023/02/27 06:24
Sarah, 2023/03/18 06:51
Rodolfo, 2023/03/23 19:55
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