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Partial (Rank) Correlation Coefficients


This method computes the Partial Correlation Coefficients (PCC), or Partial Rank Correlation Coefficients (PRCC), which are sensitivity indices based on linear (resp. monotonic) assumptions, in the case of (linearly) correlated factors.In this case, the total cost is 70 simulations.The resulting analysis is the following:



  • A. Saltelli, K. Chan and E. M. Scott eds, 2000, Sensitivity Analysis, Wiley.


PCC/PRCC method is wrapped from [R] sensitivity package written by Gilles Pujol and maintained by Bertrand Iooss.
See Sensitivity package documentation.
Available random models for input variables:


  • copy in “Promethee_Install_Path/plugins/doe” directory,
  • restart Promethee GUI.
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