user:code:cfx [Promethee]

CFX general purpose fluid dynamics


  • input: CFX ASCII input file .ccl supplmented by its binary file .def
  • input parameters syntax
    • variable:
    • formula:
  • output: all MONITOR POINT described in .ccl file, printed in the output.csv file, per time unit.
  • running progress: last message of the running code


  • input file:
  • output: Monitor_XYZTimeTemp, Monitor_Point_1, Monitor_Point_2


  • user side:
    • unzip in Promethee installation directory,
    • restart Promethee GUI.
  • server side:
    • unzip in Promethee installation directory,
    • add
      <CODE name="CFX" cplugin="file./plugins/calc/CFX.cplugin.jar" command="/opt/Promethee/scripts/cfx" />
      lines in calculator.xml file inside ”<calculator>” tag,
    • wait for configuration refresh (5 s. if calculator is free).
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