user:code:moret [Promethee]

Moret Monte Carlo neutron simulator


  • input: all Moret input files (including Apollo-Moret, Dragon-Moret, Scale-Moret and continous energy Moret),
    • Apollo-Moret parameterizing of dilution laws (based on CRISTAL Cigales GUI)
  • input parameters syntax
    • variable:
    • formula:
  • output:
    • Monte Carlo k-effective model “mean_keff”, “sigma_keff”,
    • perturbated k-effectives “mean_dkeff_pertu”, “sigma_dkeff_pertu”,
    • Monte Carlo beta-effective model “mean_betaeff” (in energy pointwise calculations), lifetime model (in energy pointwise calculations)
    • Monte Carlo Kij matrix model “mean_kij”, “sigma_kij”
  • running progress: current k-effective estimation, %1) of calculation done


  • input file:
  • input variables: r
  • output: mean_keff, sigma_keff


  • user side:
    • unzip in Promethee installation directory,
    • restart Promethee GUI.
  • server side:
    • unzip in Promethee installation directory,
    • open shell console, check “ -v 4.B.4 -a Promethee_Install_Path/examples/sphere_M4B2” creates a “sphere_M4B2.listing” file,
    • add
      <CODE name="Moret_5A1" command=" -v 5.A.1 -a" />
      <CODE name="Moret_4B4" command=" -v 4.B.4 -a" />
      line in calculator.xml file inside ”<calculator>” tag,
    • wait for configuration refresh (5 s. if calculator is free).
1) estimated
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