user:code:tripoli-ext [Promethee]

Tripoli Monte Carlo neutron simulator (extended)


  • input: criticality aro shielding Tripoli input files
  • input parameters syntax
    • variable:
    • formula:
  • output: Monte Carlo k-effective “mean_keff”, “sigma_keff”, all scores (possibly by DECOUPAGE)
  • running progress: current batch number
  • supports GRAF in batch mode (no need to install an X server on user side)


  • input file:
  • output: scores 1...6, by batch (because of EDITION), by SPECTRUM


  • Contact us to get the installer,
  • user side:
    • unzip in Promethee installation directory,
    • restart Promethee GUI.
  • server side:
    • unzip in Promethee installation directory,
    • change parameters in script file /opt/Promethee/scripts/tripoli4 according to your Tripoli configuration,
    • open shell console, check ”/opt/Promethee/scripts/tripoli4 Promethee_Install_Path/examples/cylindreUO2-Tripoli” creates a “cylindreUO2-Tripoli.listing” file,
    • add
           <CODE name="Tripoli_4.4" cplugin="file:./plugins/calc/Tripoli.cplugin.jar" command="/opt/Promethee/scripts/tripoli4" />
      lines in calculator.xml file inside ”<calculator>” tag,
    • wait for configuration refresh (5 s. if calculator is free).
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