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Managing code input/output

While previous “Model” zone was dedicated to define code input/output raw data, this contextual zone is intended to post-process these data to define:
  • X: “Input” variables as vectors of code input parameters, type 1), bounds or value(s),
  • Z: “Output” interest values as function of code output and variables,
  • “Engineering” algorithm 2) applied to investigate previous functional I/O expression: “Z=f(X)”.

Input variables

Two kind of variables are possible:
  • User defined variables:
    • possibly several values are given by user (at least one) double-clicking on red “change me” cell,
      Note: right click on values table provides features like affine sequences (like screenshot), spreadsheet paste, random sampling, …
    • all variables types are given as integer, float or string,
    • several code input parameters (with same number of values) should be considered as components of a multi-dimensional vector (named “group”) using icon,
  • Engineering variables:
    • only bounds are given as floats,
    • an engineering issue is intended to define values between these bounds.
If no “engineering variable” is defined, no “engineering issue” is available. Then, calculations will be launched for all user defined variables possible combinations. This “user defined” parametric project is often use to get raw response of code for given input variables values. In case both user defined variables and engineering ones are given, the engineering issue will be repeated for all possible combinations of user defined variables.

Output interest values

Several interest values are possible (add using icon), just the selected one will be used for engineering issue. Different kind of output are possible like arrays, multi-dimensional points, …

Engineering issue

Depending on engineering variables and selected output interest value type, several algorithms are suitable. When an algorithm is selected, its parameters are editable on the right side panel. Further informations are accessible through “Help” button, launching browser on dedicated web page.
1) integer, float or string
2) sensitivity analysis, uncertainties propagation, optimization, calibration, …
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