user:gui:computing [Promethee]


As soon as icon in “Dataset” workflow panel is available, you can launch calculations. The project then moves to the “Calculations” workflow and different contextual panels are available.

Calculators pool

Contains the list of available Promethee daemons 1). Double click on a line details the configuration of daemon. This list is real time updated with a heartbeat protocol sent by Promethee daemons periodically.

Cases of calculations

While calculations are performed, the list of cases 2) is updated, allowing to follow whole project progress. Double click on its line opens file browser in temporary directory of a case.Note: previous results of project execution are stored in a cache directory to not run two times the same calculation. The input file and code are checked to be exactly the same than currently pending calculation, and if perfectly matching, cached output directory is used instead of really launching calculation on remote Promethee servers.


Depending on the designer selected, temporary results are sometime available. This panel offers a possible view of post-processing for temporary results.
1) grey ones are not suitable due to lack of code needed
2) a “case” is one instance of input file with given variables value set
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