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Results and analysis

Once all needed calculations are performed, the project is moved in the “Results” workflow panel. Promethee then runs a background post-processing task to parse all results and optionally build engineering analyses. When finished, the project row is selectable to display final results.


The first contextual tab panel provides easy access to all input/output directory structure of finished project: each calculation has its own “input” and “output” directories containing (resp.) all input and output files.
Generally, directories are named explicitly with variables values: “x=0.123” or group aliases: ”@g=abcd”, but heavy path length limitations on Windows operating systems lead us to digest some parts of path in a cryptic shorter name like
“0B6CDD1DC58CA052DB4507BE2AAF853A” instead of
In the last node of theses directories, the “output” directory contains all returned files of calculation, left-click opens selected file in the right panel, while right-click opens a popup to allow :

Note: be careful of available free disk space needed by Promethee: many engineering issues will lead to hundreds of calculations, and thousands of input/output files.

Post processing

The post-processing panels display all results or analysis (in case an engineering issue was selected) in tables or plot.

Since Promethee 1.1, “parallel coordinates” plot (also known as cobweb, parplot, parcoord) is available to display all calculation results, whenever launched with or without algorithm. This extended interactive post-processing component is especially useful to display any variable versus any output, for all calculations.


To provide standalone access to Promethee projects results, an HTML report is automatically build to display statically all previous results and analyses.The report holds three main parts:
  • general informations about project:
  • results or analysis of project:
  • all calculations launched in project:
    This part of the report includes relative links to all directory structure and summary in a CSV file.
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